Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Today started off with a very sleepy Callum and then a very long discussion on his game.  Funny how when he's talking about something he's interested, he's suddenly very alert!  However, my brain ended up exploding!

He's decided to build a new Roblox game and he's decided to log it as a project for home ed.  Started with layout on paint yesterday with information on weapon prices, sizes, zombie waves, regeneration, points earned, main boss level, etc. He's then going to write the script to make the game, hopefully remembering to print it off; have screen shots of the game, instuctions on how to play and any tweaks/changes he's had to make.  Now I'm fine with all that; in fact I think it's a great idea.  He's even given himself a deadline to work to.  However, whilst he was trying to explain it all to me he went a little bit too in depth and I totally lost track.  It was a bit like the Brian Cox explanation on measuring light where I was "yes, understand", "yup, still get it", "yup, blimey I'm doing well" and then "No, my brain has just exploded!".  All I can say is that I'm glad he gets it, because I can't help with any of it.  Must admit, I'm quite impressed with the whole thing so far as he's even going on about how to advertise it on the site and get the game up the rankings.

After my brain had recovered and I'd laid in a hot bath for a while, he then attacked percentages, decimals and fractions in a workbook that he wants to finish.  Now I'm ok with maths, but I have to admit that converting decimals to fractions and vice versa isn't my strong point.  I can do percentages to fractions, but the other way round makes my head spin so I envisioned another brain explosion, but, nope, Callum, amazingly got it and even taught me how to do it.  Love this home ed thing!  Now I'm the pupil! Haha

After lunch we headed off to first trampoline lesson of the 'term'.  Well, there was us thinking Kim might ease him in gently, but no!  He started off running him through all the basic jumps right up to front somersaults, then ran through some combinations including: seat drop -> front drop -> back drop, front drop -> half twist -> back drop and then back drop -> half twist -> back drop; at which point Callum's head went dizzy!  He finally finished with practicing both routines he's learnt including the somersault.  For a half an hour lesson I don't think he stopped bouncing, twisting or spinning for more than 4 mins!  Phew!

The rest of the day was errands; library, bank, haircuts and a bit of shopping then home.  He's spent a bit more time on his Roblox game and is now upstairs on the XBox!

I don't think easing in this week is exactly what happened today, but hey ho!

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