Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Aaaargh, what is happening to the days? Feel like I’ve just posted about Easter and the week between and thought I’d caught up and now another Bank Holiday weekend has been and gone and we are half way through another week!!!

So Bank Holiday/May Day weekend! Actually not much really happened.
Callum went to Callum D’s on Friday as I had Osteopath appointment and I really didn’t think that Callum would want to sit waiting. Was nice to go down afterwards and have a cuppa and a chat. Callum decided he would stay so he spent from 10ish in the morning to 7ish in the evening at his friend’s house. He had a great time!

Saturday he stayed mostly in his bedroom sorting out his cars, etc. and Sunday he was on the computer.

Monday he spent in the garden planting vegetable seeds with his dad and helped us out later on moving earth and weeds in the wheelbarrow from where his dad dug out a hole to put the old bath in for a pond.

Yesterday, Tuesday, we went back to work and downloaded a load of stuff about waves and tsunami’s, editing and reshuffling to make a sensible document. Found some very useful sites that spoke in reasonable language that Callum understood without being too childish. He researched it all himself, only asking for a bit of help with the editing and adding of his own bits and pieces. His old Infant School teacher, Jo Daniels, visited in the afternoon with her new baby and Callum showed her (Jo, not the baby) some of his new moves on the trampoline before we all had a good natter accompanied by tea and cake!

Today, it was an early private trampolining lesson, 9.30am (that’s early for us!) and then off to Rochester with my friend Lesley. His lesson went really well and Callum worked very hard. He's trying to work on getting some height now so he had a short routine to do and had to try and lengthen the time it took him to do it (the longer it took, the higher he was jumping). He had to try and get to 13 seconds and he managed to get it to 13.7 seconds, so James was pretty impressed with him. He also did some somersaults with one hand help.

Rochester was lovely as usual and we had a good look round the museum (they have refurbished) and had lunch at the Cathedral Tearooms. Callum wanted to go to the Cathedral itself, but the choir were rehearsing and he didn’t feel comfortable going in. After Lesley left us to go and pick up her son from school, we had a nose around some of the shops and found a lovely antique shop that we have walked past several times, but never gone into. He bought a tank from the War Section that he liked and we ooooooed and aaaaaahed at lots of stuff that was in there. It’s definitely a shop we will go back to. We also bought a Tiger Iron stone from the DigIt shop. All in all it was a very good day. He’s now spent most of the free time at home bouncing around on the trampoline outside. Where does he get his energy from?



Back to ‘school’ this week!

We had stashed everything into a big box file and piled what hadn’t fitted in on top, so there was a bit of a pile of work to go through. I’d been printing off bits as well and we spent most of Tuesday’s ‘school time’ going through everything and setting it all in order. We are currently running 7 consecutive projects: Space, Titanic, Transport, Waves, Dinosaurs, Arts Award and general reviews plus his maths. We took each one in turn and made a list of what needed doing in each one and took the smaller tasks on first.

This meant writing up all the days out we’d done and putting in pictures as necessary. There was a lot and it took us Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to complete them all. We then gathered up all the odd bits and pieces and put them all into their destined folders, ready to be ‘finished’ when the time comes.

We concentrated mainly on Transport this week as we’d been to the M&D 100 Anniversary at Detling and hadn’t written up that day or downloaded the photos. Callum had also read a book on climate change and the effects transport has on it, so that needed writing up and further investigation noted. I also remembered that when we had first started home education I’d asked some people to fill in some questionnaires about their travelling habits and holidays (we hadn’t got round to using them), so we pulled those out, adapted the questionnaire a bit, printed out some more and are going to gather some more data.

Next week we really have to finish our Waves project as this is the one that we are taking to the Home Ed Science Fair and that is in less than 2 weeks’ time! Aaaaargh! Luckily it doesn’t have to be majorly huge and we have lots of print outs and pictures. We’ve also made a wave machine, so it’s really just tying up some loose ends and putting it all together.

Didn’t have any day trips this week (phew), but we did go along to our old trampolining class as guests, so Callum (and I) got to see everybody and Callum could have an extra bounce! Was great to see everyone again and Callum enjoyed the lesson.

Now, of course, we have another bank holiday weekend.