Thursday, 13 June 2013


Why fourteen seems so much older than thirteen, I do not know, but it does.  Anyway, he had a fab birthday.  No home ed or course, but....well, it was his birthday!!

He was up earlier than normal, no surprise there, 8.30am instead of 10.30am.  Hmmm, perhaps birthdays should be every day.

Presents from us and his aunt/uncle opened and cards placed on mantlepiece.  2 Nerf guns, science book, T-shirt and Family Guy DVDs.

First present to open

Another NERF gun (he loves them)

Second NERF - he asked for them

Ooooo experiments

Slightly scary

 Big sis turned up with a few more presents in a bag, so 2 XBox games, some mosaic kits, 2 'make your own straw' kits and a penguin bag.  Plus in the post, £15!

Lots of playing with new guns (one is interchangable, so all previously owned Nerfs were brought down!), then a play on the XBox with big sis.

Dad home with last present from us; small 6L fridge for his bedroom.  Sausages and burgers for dinner; he wanted a barbeque, but weather wasn't good, so had to cook indoors instead, then birthday cake!

Being an Aspi, I may have a bit of trouble getting him to eat the 'controller' and the 'game' as he doesn't like eating shaped things.  Why make him one then, I hear you ask?  Well, he wanted a cake and, after having looked at cakes I'd made in the past for him, he wanted a shaped one and this just about sums him up perfectly.  Favourite game with a red shiny controller just like his.  He did let me cut the main cake at least, although he didn't have a piece yesterday as too full of sausages.  But at least big sis, Terri, and her dad could have some and so could we.  We did have candles but my camera died just as he was blowing them out and am relying on daughter to upload her photos later.

XBox cake

Anyway, he had a fab day.  Cya