Sunday, 30 December 2012


Hiya folks

Having a bit of trouble with videos on my computer.  Can't seem to find out how to rotate them, so if I do manage to upload a video onto this blog, you may have to lay on your side to view it.  Might be more comfortable that way though, haha.

Anyway we did manage to get down to the trampolining centre to help out with the foam pit.  Missed the emptying, but got there when it was empty and just about due to be filled back up again.
An empty pit
 His coach, James, is on the left in the green T-shirt and his private coach, Kim, is at the back in the grey.

Chucking back the foam

A very full pit!

Callum had great fun chucking back all the foam and it was amazing how much of it there was.  As you can see it doesn't look as if it will all fit.

The kids were encouraged to jump into the pit afterwards as this will end up by compacting the foam back into the pit and therefore it will be back on the level.

BTW:  Tried uploading video and couldn't.  Will have to investigate further.

Anyway, below are a few Xmas photos:

Draco with his favourite present

Callum in Husky hat - very festive, hehe

Big sis opening presents

I have got more, but I appear to be having a lot of trouble with pics and vids today, so I'm going to update all progs relating to them and try again tomorrow.  Short and sweet blog tonight.  Sorry.


Thursday, 27 December 2012


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Really didn't realise that it had been so long since posting up a blog.  I knew I'd been busy, but didn't realise that it had lapsed that badly.

I'm incredibly unorganised at the moment, so no photographs are ready to post up; one, because the camera is buried somewhere under the pile of presents that need to be put away and two, because the lead connecting the camera to the computer/laptop is in a drawer somewhere along with a bunch of other stuff I've put away into a 'safe' place until after Christmas and we can get back to 'normal'.

So all I can really say is that we have done diddly squat official home education stuff, but have been Christmas cooking together; two cakes, mincement, mince pies and chocolate brownies.  Haven't made savouries this year.  We've also been shopping for presents and obviously wrapping them and then giving them out.

We held an Xmas arts and crafts afternoon with a few of his friends where cards, decorations, crackers and hand puppets were made and lots of fun was had by all.  Lots of glitter glue, bits of card, paper and ribbon all over the floor along with cake crumbs and pastry crumbs being proof of a good time.

There was also the final trampolining of the year a week before Christmas and we are now waiting patiently for the New Year to start so we can return.  Although we are supposed to be going along to the centre tomorrow to help clean up and sort out the pit.

I say 'supposed to be' because Callum got an XBox for Christmas and has now disappeared into his room to play on his new toy and chat with some of his friends.  He did spend the day itself with us all as we allowed the XBox downstairs and he spent most of the afternoon killing zombies with his sister and then watching Dr Who, etc with us in the evening.

He had a great day with loads of presents including books, puzzles, games, sweets and clothes including a rather fab husky hat from his Aunt and Uncle for which he had very good comments from the staff of Game today in Chavtown.

He's been very helpful and patient with me over past few weeks as I've been 'playing' with greenery to make table decs, swag and wreath and madly trying to tidy and clear away junk in readiness for festive season.  So have been very proud of him.  He even managed to contain his excitement over the last few days before as he knew what he was getting and was desperate to get his hands on it.  His only problem has been a few bad dreams and erratic sleep which has left him often tired and a bit grumpy, but he has manage to sort himself out and not have any meltdowns.

Anyway, that is a brief catch up.  I will get photos posted once I find the elusive lead and I hope to get back to some more regular posts over the next couple of weeks.

Hope you all had a fab Christmas and celebrated in whatever way is tradional to your family and beliefs.