Thursday, 21 October 2010

Hi all

Thought I'd do a mid week update - it's better than nothing, haha.

I should be doing other things, but my brain has not been functioning very well this week, so am going to do this instead.

What has been going on in Callum's World this week? Well, for starters he had his first guitar lesson on Monday night with a friend of mine. Callum had been given an acoustic guitar a while ago by his best mate who had upgraded and Callum has had a bit of a thrash about on it a couple of times. I asked him, at the time, if he fancied lessons, but he wasn't too keen as he didn't want anyone telling him what to do. But as time has gone on I could see he was beginning to get a bit frustrated. I told him about a friend of mine who is a lot of fun and it wouldn't be a 'serious' lesson and would he like to give it a go. He said yes, so we did!

The lesson went quite well actually and Callum did seem to pick up a couple of the chords quite quickly although he was having trouble holding the guitar properly. He is pretty good at thrashing the strings, but trying to play chords with one hand and strum with the other took a bit of getting used to. To add to the problem, Callum is left handed, but the guitar is right handed! However, he found it just as easy to hold/play with either so we stuck with right handed, but I think, as he is using the opposite side of his brain to normal, he was finding it a bit difficult to be consistant.

Peter let him have a go on the electric guitar and the pair of them thrashed out some noise together and Callum had a huge grin on his face. He now wants an electric guitar! Hmmm, thanks Peter! Anyway, he had an hour's play about and basic lesson and it's now up to him if he wants to continue. He had a good time, but is unsure of committing himself. Will leave until after Halloween I think and then ask again.

Another first this week is him (and his best mate Callum D) being left at Youth Club on their own this time. It kind of isn't first time as they have been to activity days, but this is a little different and they obviously stay in the building. They both went off quite happily, but seemed pleased when I returned to pick them up. Apparently there was a five year old girl who was lethal at table tennis - their words not mine - who had nearly whacked both of them in the eye with the pingpong ball. They laughed about it in the car all the way home, making up sillier and sillier ways of getting hurt - at least they were using their imagination.

Wednesday we were invited to a birthday party which started in McDonalds and then on to bowling. Today did not go well for Callum! I advised he had breakfast before we got there, but he chose in his ultimate wisdom not to have any. This, of course, meant he was starving by the time we got there and wanted to eat there and then. Unfortunately there was also some children he didn't know, so he went off in the corner and sat with us mums, moaning and stressing about food. I decided that, as I was hungry too, I'd go down, order myself a Big Mac meal, come back, give him my Big Mac and I'd eat my fries and then once he got his meal (Kids meal cheeseburger and chips), he could give me his cheeseburger. I know that that doesn't really make sense in the swapsy way, but he wanted two burgers in a bun and I knew that they didn't do that in a kids meal, so we swapped as I only wanted a single burger. Anyway, he got some food and all was calm for a bit.

Then we went off to bowling! He stressed about the shoes as he hates the feel of them and doesn't do laces, so off to the side we went and we managed to sort out shoes that were comfy with laces tied. Down the stairs to the alley itself and, as is normal for a kids party, chaos reigned as kids needed to be sorted into alleys, names needed to be inputted and there was a general feeling of hubbub and noise. Also the lane that Callum was put onto had a group of adults next door and I think this sent him over the edge! We had tears, we had 'I hate bowling' (which I know he doesn't), we had 'I don't want to be here, but I don't want to go home', we had more tears, we had snotty nose, dribble and general burying in mummy! Those mums that know Callum and myself well basically left him (and myself) alone, but kept a watchful eye - thank you mums! Those that don't know us kept asking if he was ok and could they get him a drink, etc, etc and although I appreciate their concern and thank them, it wasn't helping! However, eventually after much calm talk and reassurance, he was back to normal and joined in the game scoring a strike on his first attempt and coming 2nd overall. He then went on to play a 2nd game, coming 1st!

The only downside to this is that I find he goes from one extreme to the other and he became more and more hyper as the time went on. Thank you Carol for once again putting up with him leaping all over you and pretending to be a plane! And thank you again Lorraine for pretty much the same thing!

He did, overall, have a good time!

Today was bounce! He bounced today, although didn't do any serious work. He was also pretty hyper with the rest of the kids. A residue from yesterday me thinks. However, they were all a bit more active this week and on returning home I checked the moon phase to discover that it was 98% full moon, so that may have something to do with it.

Hopefully off to pictures tomorrow.

So that's it! Midweek news done. Cya

Sunday, 17 October 2010


Right!! It's Sunday, it's 11pm and it's blog time. I'm not tired, although I will be tomorrow morning when I have to get up!

This week has been a lot better than last week. Neither of us have felt quite so ill, but we have still felt like hibernating! Weather has been a bit better, so I think that helps and we have been (or at least I have) in full swing getting ready for Halloween. (See other blog for info on my obsession!).

So, what has been happening? Well, the Sunday after the party we met up with a few friends at Gore Farm where we rent an apple tree. It's an annual thing and we all troop up to the orchard, boxes in hand, get allotted our tree and pick all the apples off it. There is normally at least 3 large boxes for each family to take home, so well worth the £10 per annum it costs us. It does tend to be the adults picking the apples and the kids eating them or running off into the orchard/meadow to hang out and this year wasn't really much different. However, the farm now has lots of animals on it which it never has had before, so there was even less incentive for the kids to pick fruit! Was a good afternoon though except for one little glitch. We all wanted tea and cake afterwards, but the cafe has some strange rules about when they serve food, so weren't serving cake. Callum was not amused and decided to sulk, even refusing an icecream as compensation, but he soon got over it.

Monday we slobbed about the house, but Tuesday we were out and about. First up to the library to pick up our 2 DVDs that we'd reserved. Up and Gladiator! Up for entertainment and Callum has never got round to seeing it and wanted to and Gladiator so we can have something visual for our project. Whilst there, I returned a couple of books and asked whether they had any other Asterix books. We were led to a shelf which had loads on so Callum was in heaven. He picked one out and was overjoyed when I told him he could have more. Found out we can take out 30 books on his card. A bit too many for us to carry, but we ended up with about 10. 4 Asterix, couple of dinosaur reference books, dinosaur origami book (dinosaurs being next month's project), another version of Midsummer Night's Dream and another gladiator book which turned out to be a graffic novel which Callum seems to have taken a shine too. Then it was off to my friend's new house for the afternoon.

Wednesday was slobbing again, but at least we had Up to watch which we both loved, although it was quite sad to start with. Callum didn't quite fancy Gladiator today, but went off and found a game on the computer instead. Then it was Bang Goes the Theory on TV tonight!

Thursday was trampolining as usual, but Callum decided he didn't want to bounce again. Am getting a bit worried about him to be honest. I asked why he didn't want to bounce, but he just said he didn't fancy it. Although he wants to at his private lessons. When I queried it, he just said that he preferred his private lessons as he has more time on the trampoline. He did join in with the foam pit though and he interacted with all the kids, so not a complete loss.

Friday was theatre day! Group home ed visit to see Shakespeare for Kids version of Midsummer Night's Dream. Met Liz and her children on the train (completely by accident) which was nice. However, at Rochester station a school group got on which put Callum out a bit, but not as bad as he's been before. When we got off the station we were in front and the school group behind us. It looked like Callum was leading the way and he cheekily said that if that was true he'd continue walking back round and up the steps to the train station and see if the school would follow. He did, but they didn't - oh well. At least he thought it was funny.

The theatre was packed with school groups and Callum wasn't dealing too well with it saying he wanted to go home. Luckily we had the back two rows, so he sat between me and Carol, his favourite other parent. I'd got him some sweets and he calmed down pretty quickly. The play was excellent!!! Very very funny. All the kids enjoyed it and all the school kids were joining in with the shouting and clapping. It was wonderful to see actually. This was Shakespeare and they were loving it!! Would definitely go and see another production by them.

We came out and decided to wander around the shops for a bit with Carol and Lauren as all the kids were heading back to the station. We left them half way round and met up with Liz again and then Carol turned up on the platform just before train due in, so we all travelled back together which was really nice. Did mean that we were late for my daughter though! Ooops, my turn! hehe. Whilst she was there the postman turned up and our Horrible Histories DVD was in there, so we then had 7 episodes of that being watched - aargh! Was good fun though, although probably not what Terri was expecting - sorry Terri!

This weekend he's been on computer designing road tracks for racing cars and I've been art and crafting for Halloween. All said and done, a much better week!


Saturday, 9 October 2010



Second post in two days! I can do it, haha.

What's been going on in Callum's world today? Well, he's getting as addicted to Facebook games as me. He doesn't have his own profile, he just plays on mine. Has taken over my Cafe and he has a garage in Car Town + he'll feed my animals in Fronterville. Actually Cafe Life is quite good for him as he has to think about how many items he's got, how long it will take to cook them and how long it will take to sell them, so quite a bit of basic maths going on in there.

He's been a much more happy chappy today, so hopefully is over any bugs he had.

Went off to his best mate's brother's 5th party today.

That red streak is my son! He hates photos being taken! Glad his mate is used to it. It was the first party that Callum has actually been to by himself, without anyone staying with him. He knows Michelle very well now so I knew he'd be ok, but was a bit worried as there was a lot of small children he didn't know and Shane (the little boy whose birthday it was) was sharing the party with his mate whose birthday is around the same time. It was also in a hall that Callum had never been to and there was a magician, so all in all, it was a big event!

However, all my concerns were thrown out of the window as he had a great time. He even joined in with two games (unheard of) and watched the magician. Perhaps it's me, whenever I'm with him he's like a limpet, but when I'm not there he's off. It isn't like I make him sit with me or that I discourage him from going off, but he just seems to choose to sit by me. Strange chappy!

Anyway, he came home full of it and we treated ourselves to kebab meat and chips (highly unhealthy, but I fancied it - 1st thing I've fancied to eat all week and it's Callum's favourite). Then Strictly and Merlin. He cracks up at Strictly; loves the judges. After that it was back to the computer.

Just before he went off to bed he complained he didn't have any books to read! What? You had four by the bed last week! Apparently they are all read. And this is the boy who wouldn't read. Must admit, 2 books on oceans, London Aquarium guide and an Asterix book, so not novels yet, but who cares, he's reading. Actually he really liked Asterix and has requested some more. So off to check Library online catalogue to see if I can order some.


Friday, 8 October 2010


Hi all, I say rather sheepishly.

Just read last post which was, oooooo, nearly two weeks ago!! Hmmm, this is not going well. Said I'd post a Part 3, but I obviously didn't!! Slapped wrists for me then!

So, as I'm finding writing up a week at a time impossible, I'm going to try and do some dailies instead. Yeah right, I hear you say and you're probably correct, but, as my school reports used to say, I must try harder!! Writing weekly is a big thing and it takes me ages. I spend half the time checking on what we've done and then the other half trying to remember funny bits that Callum might have said/done and, as all of you out there know, two halves make a whole and that leaves no time for writing!!

Ooooo must watch out for them exclamation marks! Have had my knuckles severely rapped for using far too many of them by some pompous home educating mother who thought my email to the Royal Institute was too passionate and full of over punctuation! So sorry if I'm passionate luvvy, but I was furious!! And to show my anger and frustration I use exclamation marks in abundance, so there!!!!!!!!! See!!!!! Here's some more, so stick these in your knickers!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhh, feel better now, so I can proceed:
What have we been up to? Well, actually not a lot. We've both been shall I say this? We've both been feeling.....CRAP! There is no better word for it to be honest. We're not ill per se, we just feel really.....crap! I've got no energy and everything feels heavy and I've been having a sore throat off and on all week. Callum has been coughing and just wanting to loll around in his pjs. Hasn't wanted to go out anywhere, so we haven't.

Apart, that is, for Youth Club on Tuesday night! His mate Callum D went along this week too so it was much better. Oh, but I now realise that I didn't tell you about last week! Went to Youth Club last week too, but as it was his first time there and his mate couldn't go, he clung to me like a limpet. We did play table football together and he eventually played a game with another boy, but he basically stayed with me apart from the couple of occasions where he chased the helpers that he knew around the room. I must explain that it is an ASD Youth Club run by MAGIC. They also ran the activity days that he did in the Summer and that he is going to again in October! I don't think it's going to be an every week attendance, but I'd like him to go at least once a fortnight. I don't need to stay now, so it will be a chance for him to have a little independence from me. And what will I be doing whilst he's at youth club? Will I be having a lovely tete a tete with my partner? Yes, probably, but it'll be in the supermarket, haha. We'll be able to shop without a boy going "I'm bored" or "Can we go now" or "I'm not standing in this queue", etc, etc. Plus I can monitor my partner's spending a little. He does so like to add brand names and the odd can or bottle or two or three if I'm not careful and we really don't have the money for that. I've noticed a distinct lack of food in the house since he took over. Admittedly the food is of better status; Heinz, Kelloggs, Princes... you know what I mean, but let's face it, I can't really tell the difference between Heinz soup and Sainsburys soup, although some really cheap brands are pretty dire. However, I'd rather have a better variety than limited choice and I'd like to have some fresh veg and fruit from the greengrocer than the frozen or plastic wrapped stuff you get from the supermarket, so I think I need to start intervening again.

Back to this week. Actually back to last week. We were rather busy last week, hence the reason not to worried about being hermits this week. Oh that's a lot of weeks, but can't think of another word.

Monday we went bowling, which was good fun. Tuesday, as mentioned, he went to youth club. Wednesday we went to Museum of Kent Life for a Romans day (our current project), which was brilliant and Callum managed 4 out of 5 of the workshops this time. Did one more than the WWII day so very pleased with him. Thursday was trampolining as usual and Friday we went to Tunbridge Wells to see George's Marvellous Medicine.

Saturday and Sunday we had to ourselves as it was my partner's weekend on. Callum decided to play board games and started dragging them all out. I asked which one we were playing and his reply was, and I quote: "We aren't playing anything, I don't want you to play. I want to play by myself and make up my own games." Ok! That's put me in my place then. What I should have done was write this blog, but I went on Facebook instead and played Fronterville. Bad news, but I'm ashamed to say, good fun.

Oh well, let's hope I can wean myself off the dreaded FB and start writing properly again.