Monday, 25 March 2013



In respect of the blog title, the last one was entitled Doesn't Time Fly and this one is a follow on as it's obvious that it does as it's been an age!

What have we done?  Well, for starters, we've been on holiday!!!  And we went to the Science Fair in London.  AND we've also done the usual trampolining, social visits, etc.

So, firstly, Science Fair at London, EXcel centre.  Easy journey; high speed to Stratford International and then DLR to EXcel, brilliant!!

The fair was packed, but Callum coped really really well.  We arrived about 11.30am and had a good general look round before hitting some individual 'stalls'.  Callum joined in with the Science Museum stuff and although I had to help him 'get in amongst it' as the school kids were really pushy,he handled it pretty well and enjoyed the tasks set.  I even had the kids lining up at one point as there were kids who just stood by and let the others push in.  Hey ho, wasn't having that as it was unfair!  There was loads to see and do and I got some great information with regard to science awards from the British Science Association.  We toddled off for a coffee and some lunch about 12.30 and then dived back in afterwards to catch up on bits we'd missed.  However, by about 1.30pm it was starting to get even more noisy and busy and Callum (and myself) had begun to feel a little claustrophobic and he wasn't coping with the noise very well, so we left and had a stroll along the waterfront in the wind and watched the planes flying overhead.  Back on the DLR and high speed train and home by 3.30pm.  Short day, but good fun, well worth it!

And so to holiday!  Weymouth Bay Haven Holiday Park for 4 nights from Monday through to Friday.  Nightmare journey through A roads because dad felt that the M25 would be too busy, but as we kept hitting towns, I don't think it would have made much difference.  Took 5 hours!!!  Check in easy peasy and they had allocated a lovely caravan away from the main entertainment site, so lovely and quiet.  We'd also managed to get an upgrade; booked a Prestige and ended up with a Platinum!  

Unpacked, made a cuppa and then headed off into town to stock up on supplies for the days away.  Didn't do much in the evening apart from popping into the arcades to spend some 2ps.

Tuesday was sunny, but windy with some overcast clouds, but it didn't rain all day.  So Tank Museum (main reason for going) followed by Corfe Castle Model Village.  Callum loved the fact that they had a model village within the model village and even a really really tiny village inside that.  Didn't go up to the castle itself as up a very large hill and my hip was already hurting from walking around the museum and Callum was beginning to get a headache.  I'd like to point out that he was up at 7am! Normally it's 11am, so I think he was a little knackered.

My favourite - it's pink!

Hands up dad!

The entrance

The Triumph of Humanity

Outside again!

Tank museum pictures above!
Honestly, I've loads of tank pictures as Callum loves tanks, but personally, once you've seen one, you've seen most of them.  I'm such a heathen!

Model village within a model village with a model village (just look closely to the left just below the trees - it's there)

Working mill

The model Corfe Castle

The real Corfe Castle

Having a wander

Corfe Castle Model Village
Again got loads more, but hey, it's a small house.  Fab workmanship though.  Well impressed.

Anyway, that's the first day written up!  Will do some more tomorrow.


Friday, 1 March 2013


Wow, well the hell did that week go?  It's been a bit busy.

We've had friends over as well as family, we've done a little work and dad's been off for a couple of days.

Callum's highlight of the week was Wednesday as he was left with his big sis all day as I was off with my friend, Carol, for the day.  They cooked dinner and played scrabble; Callum not doing too bad and almost winning.

Terri - 199 pnts
Callum - 185 pnts

Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner that night and I'll hopefully have some piccies once my daughter has sent them to me.

Apart from that we had friends over Monday so Callum had a great afternoon socialising with Azeem.

Tuesday we did a little work; maths on KhanAcademy and some more work on the Magnet project.  Had some simple question and answer sheets to do and Callum also had to research some additional, slightly harder, questions.

Thursday was group trampolining lesson and then Lauren and Carol back for a bit of social and a cuppa.  No cake made this week though, so we popped into Aldi on the way home and Carol bought some ice creams for us all.  I ended up spending some money on some baby bits.  Callum especially liked the little socks!

Today (and yesterday) dad was off and Callum had haircut appointment.  So we had a drive there instead of a walk, then a quick look in the Cats Protection League before dad picked us up again and we all headed off to Sainsbury for our monthly stock up shop.  Also picked up peanut butter in Holland and Barrett (buy one, get one half price) and Callum managed to find a Worms game in Game which was the exact price that his dad owed him (wasn't planned as he actually asked me if he could buy it with his money before dad then piped up with the fact he owed him some cash).

So, although it appears we haven't done a great deal, it's been really busy.  And he has his best mate Callum D over tomorrow afternoon.