Monday, 22 April 2013


Back up to Albany Park for Digipen today; lesson two.  Teacher not really improved on being able to keep us all up and running at the same speed and, once again, Callum had to help out a fellow student!  Actually I helped out a fellow student as well today, go me! Haha.  Went over the homework we should have all done; surprise, surprise, Callum was the only one who'd managed to complete it all, so we went over what he had already done, but then added some music.  Callum didn't mind as we learnt another way of doing something he'd done already and it also meant he could play a bit more and investigate further.

The journey this week was as straightforward as it should have been with no delays, but if does look like we'll have to catch the 5.45pm train home which stops at Strood (but at least is direct)!!!  If we then wait at Strood for a connection back to Gillingham, we won't get home until 7pm!!!  We leave home at 2.10pm to get there for 4pm.  The lesson is only supposed to be an hour (although so far it's been more like 1 hour and 20mins), so that's 4 hours travelling for a one hour lesson.  Blimey we're dedicated. haha.  As of next week we're hoping to get a lift from dad from Strood which will save us about 20mins journey and a 15min wait on a cold Strood station.

Not everyone there this week either, so not sure if people have already dropped out.  Some people are still having difficulty getting the programme to run so they are going to have to talk in the week to try and sort it as it will soon get to the stage where they are too far behind.  Luckily the issues we had in the first week I managed to solve and, so far, everything is running fine.

We also got the manual this week and I can imagine Callum going beyond the required homework just to see what's next.  Had a quick flip through myself and after feeling chuffed with myself for being able to help out, I can't see that lasting as it looks way beyond me in a few sessions.  Think I might start taking my knitting, haha.

Anyway, cya

PS:  Took a flask of tea with me today to drink on the way home and stupidly ended up kicking the thing and smashing it!  Boo hoo, no tea for me again until I got home.  Waaaaaah!

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